This is one page everyone wants to read  as soon as they stumble across a blog . So I am obliged to write this page :)

Anyone can cook ...That's what I believe in.

I am 28 years old and happily married.I was born and brought up in the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu , southern India.I woke up everyday to the aromatic smell of many spices drifting from my kitchen.My mom is a wonderful cook and is my mentor.

Since my childhood  I was never really a big fan of cooking .After I got married I decided to start cooking coz i sort of had to :) .After a few unsuccessful yet edible recipes :) ,  I  realized "Oh my god I can cook !! " .

Yeah the blog was formerly called  "Oh my god I can cook !! ".Later I changed it to "Laavy's Kitchen" coz i felt it was more personal.Being a vegetarian you can find all kinds of vegetarian recipes in my blog with the exception of eggs in baking..

I started experimenting the ingredients of the usual recipes and got much better amazing results.Later I became intrigued and started cooking new recipes from scratch.My husband is my inspiration for this blog.He was the one who suggested blogging and he keeps motivating me to take it to the next level.After a year of many trials and errors and making my husband a victim for my amateur cooking, I have developed a passion for cooking and I believe that your food will taste much better if you cook from your heart.True story !!

This blog is for everyone who has a passion for cooking.You can find anything about cooking right from recipes to tutorials.

Thanks for taking your time to read about me.I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions for my recipes.

Cheers !

Laavanya Gagarin 


  1. Nice to more about you Laavy..I am from Chennai and which part u belong..

    1. Hi Saraswathi,I am from Trichy, the rock temple city. I spent my whole life there.After wedding I came to Chennai and enjoyed a lot in Singara Chennai for about a year.Now I am in Oregon,USA :).Have you been to Trichy?

  2. Hi Laavy, I loved paneer tikka. I am going to try it soon

  3. hey lavs!me from trichy only ya.living in trichy.lets follow each other.and friends?did you join my blog?

  4. i saw you.now am following u dear.

  5. Replies
    1. Good to know you too Ramya.I am from K K Nagar :) Where r u from ?

  6. Hi Laavy.. Nice to read more about you. Thanks for following me. Loved your blog too. Some beautiful recipes here. Happy to follow you.

  7. Happy to know that you are from trichy. first time to your site.Happy to become a member in your blog.

  8. 1st time here. u have a great blog. Happy to follow u.

  9. Another 1st timer over here finding ,gol gappa recipe... then ended up liking all your master pieces! : ) Indeed anyone can as long as you put your heart to it. your kitchen Laavy is AMAZING!! :)

  10. Hi Laavavnya!!!..ur recipes r soo different and sounds soo healthy!!!Great Going!!!
    Do visit my blog http://foodpassionandlove.wordpress.com/ .....and do keep in touch!!!!