Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Roti - Heart shaped Roti

Happy Valentine's day everyone :)

February - The month of love.
Love is always in the air and it comes to life in February ,especially on Valentine's Day.

February is doubly special to me as I got married in this month of love.Love is something which is felt naturally by everyone.Love is everywhere.To make this Valentine's Day more special , I made some heart-shaped Roti to surprise my loved one.

This post is more of a pictorial rather than tutorial.So,I am not gonna bore you guys with the roti making procedure.Anyways, if you want to know how to make roti you can click here.

After making the roti,I just used a cookie cutter to make the heart shape.Then I used a griddle and made the roti as usual.I served it hot with some tomato salsa.

Do let me know how you guys spent your Valentine's day this year :)


  1. such a cute idea!!..easy peasy too!! have a lovely blog and lovely clicks!
    I am your new follower...Hope you'd like to have a look at my blog :)

  2. Chapathi can be this cute yummy idea, but how long it is going to cook

  3. wow so cute chapathis and neat presentation...

  4. luvly rotis...the picture makes me feel great

  5. Cute little hearts dear..Perfect hearts too :)

  6. so yummmm....come and participate in my event. Cook mela food