Sunday, June 21, 2015

Black Plum a.k.a Naaval Pazham

Black plum is a seasonal fruit known in various names all over the world.

 It is also called as Java plum, jamun, black plum. This fruit is called Jamun , Jambhul , Naaval Pazham , Nhara Pazham , Nerale Hannu , Neredu Pandu, Kalojam, Jamukoli , Jambu,Dhanbu , Dhuwet/Juwet, jamelão, jambo , guapê , jambulan, rotra , reyang dut or krian dot.

Did you know?

  • High in Vitamin A and C ,the seed of this fruit is used in  Ayurveda to control diabetes.
  • Dried extract of the seeds reduces blood sugar.
  • The pulp of the fruit can be juiced.It tastes great when sprinkled with salt. 

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