Thursday, July 5, 2012

Corn Salad

Sweet corn is one of my favourites and i love to explore it with various herbs and fresh ingredients.This recipe  is a salad with fresh herbs like oregano and parsley leaves. Its easy to make and a delicious healthy salad.


Corn kernels -  200 grams

Onion  - 1

Dried Oregano  -  ½ tblsp                                              

Dried Parsley leaves -  ½ tblsp

Olive Oil  -  2 tblsp

Grounded pepper  -  ½ tblsp

Chilli Powder -  ½ tblsp

Salt -  1 tblsp

Butter -  ½ tblsp


-       Take 400 ml of water in a large pan and bring it to boil. Add ½ tblsp of salt in the water. Add corn kernels in the water and close the lid and let it boil for about 15 min until they are cooked completely. Drain the excess water completely and keep aside.

-       Meanwhile, chop the onion into very small pieces. Take a pan and heat 2 tblsp of olive oil. Add the onions and saute for 2 mins.

-       Add the cooked corn into the pan and mix well. Now add ½ tblsp of salt, ½ tblsp of chilli powder, ½ tblsp of dried oregano , ½ tblsp of grounded pepper, ½ tblsp of dried parsley leaves.

-       Cook on a low flame for about 1-2 min until the mixture blends well with the corn.

-       Add ½ tblsp of butter and mix it. Now the corn salad is ready to serve.

Serving Suggestions 

-       Chop some fresh spring onion, tomato and a few coriander leaves into very small pieces and sprinkle them on top of the salad just before serving.

Your Corn Salad is ready to eat.

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