Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beetroot Halwa - Low fat dessert made with the goodness of beetroots

Beetroot Halwa
I decided to try out a simple,low fat and highly nutritious dessert for this Tamil New Year.When it comes to holidays or festivals we often crave for desserts.After eating them a little too much we feel bad.Well,this dessert is a Savior as you can have it as much as you like as its filled with all the goodness of nature - beetroots.

This is my mom's recipe and she makes it whenever we have a craving for dessert.The good part of this recipe is that beetroots are already sweet so you dont have to add much sugar in it.Whats more delicious and nutritious than having a dessert without caring about your weight right? 

When we deal with beetroots , I simply love the color it spreads on your fingers.Beautiful deep red/maroon color makes it look majestic.
Lovely juicy beets

Beetroot Halwa - closeup
Preparation time : 10 -15 min

Cooking time :40 - 45 min

Serves: 5- 6 people

- 3 large beetroots /  beets
- 1/2  cup of sugar or as desired.
- 1 litre full fat milk
- 2 tblsp of butter or ghee
- Few pieces of cashews

- a few strands of saffron 

Beetroot Halwa - Ingredients

Saffron - Richness in taste and Aroma

Wash and peel the beetroots.Take a grater and  grate them .

Take a pressure cooker or a rice cooker and pour milk into it till it reaches half of the vessel.If you add too much milk it will overflow.Now add the grated beetroot to it so that it is well immersed into the milk. Do not add the sugar now as the beets will not cook properly.

If you are using a pressure cooker ,then wait for 4 whistles.Now switch off and let the steam go out of the cooker- weight completely before you open the lid.

While using a rice cooker,cook it for around 20-30 mins checking in between.The beets must mash well when u press it.

If you do not have a grater,no worries.You can cut the beets into small pieces and boil them.After boiling put them in a blender and make a fine puree.The reason why i grated them is because the texture of grated beets would be great for this halwa.

After the beets are well cooked , remove from the cooker .Using a colander , separate them from the milk. Do not throw the milk as you will use it later.

Now take a large pan and when its hot add the cooked beets and pour half the milk .Let them boil for 15-20 mins stirring occasionally.After the mixture is reduced to half its size add the sugar slowly while stirring .Repeat the process until there is no more milk left in the pan.The beets are now well combined with the milk and are ready.

 Pour the remaining milk in a glass.It is very healthy and tastes like a smoothie.You can see the beet juice in the pics too .

Now take another pan and use the butter or ghee and let it sizzle.Add your cashews and saute them till they turn golden brown.Pour it over your cooked beetroot halwa and mix them well.Nutritious beetroot halwa is ready. 

Hope you guys will try it out and let me know your comments and suggestions.

Grated beets

Grated beets - closeup

beetroot halwa while cooking

beetroot halwa after cooking


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