Monday, March 2, 2015

Instant Chocolate Fudge - Microwave Recipe

Fudge is soft chewy ,chocolatey and it just takes 2 min.Can you believe it  ?? 2 Minutes .

All you need is a microwave..Just mix the ingredients and let the microwave do its magic.The fact that I am eating a few while writing this post makes me even more happy  :)

Instead of writing a long blog post ,I have just broken down all the steps into pictures.Hope it helps !
Add a pinch of salt as it will bring out the flavor but it is optional.

Don't forget to line your pan with aluminum foil.This comes in handy when you can take the fudge out of the refrigerator to cut them.

These smooth melt in your mouth fudges are so easy and a very quick fix for a dessert if u r having friends over at your place...What are you waiting for.Go ahead ...make it and eat it !!